Cirkeline’s drawings

Cirkelines exhibition

Art has many descriptions and think since the historical avant-garde, often to have occurred more or less indefinite acceptance that everything is and can be art.

Art is what we call art. One thing, there appears to be agreement;

there must be a sender, expressing says something and have a purpose in the work of art and there must be a recipient.


Cirkeline Rebecca expresses and tells exactly a lot through her drawings and her intention is to reach out to people and make them feel something of her often very difficult world.


Cirkeline Rebecca tells through her drawings, how difficult it is for the outside world to accommodate one when one is autistic and altogether, has such a totally different brain.

“Is it because I’m different?” Is just one of these strong expressions, where the message is clear, elegant, simple and aesthetic terms.


Cirkeline Rebecca Pørksen is 14 years old, has Asperger syndrome (autism) and adhd why she goes to Langager School, a special school for children with autism and / or severe adhd

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