Background to the idea

Do you know that the child with autism wants things as everyone else, but subsequently not “use” the toy? It is just on the shelf in the closet or in the tray until they are so old that there might be cleared things around to make room.

Or perhaps the only toy in the way that it made up for spectacle or straight rows?

This has certainly been the most toy thing for all of our three children. This has meant that many toys as COMPLETELY new out, when it was given away and we have kept, looks like as they packed it out of the packages – perhaps just cleaner because the oldest daughter has OCD and has been extremely careful with her hand rubbing alcohol. Yeah, if you will, one can easily see the benefits of the challenges we are given.

How can one after many years of collection of several kilo’s storage of various toys, get his childhood youth with autism to “clean up” so that there is little room again? How can we have turned it into a new and different joy when they still do not play with it?

It is many years since Duplo blocks Baby born etc.. was set up to operate … ..så NOW, I think it’s time for a cleanup. But it was hard for the girls to have to clean up and separated itself of the old possessions.


Money purposes

Both girls have always wanted to, get on a “real vacation”. A dream trip, with flying, sun, heat and sights.

So we “Brain Storming” various destinations. We wrote the advantages / disadvantages up on a blackboard over several months. Finally, we gathered the details and put the advantages / disadvantages together where we after a long process came to two particularly desired destinations: Orlando USA or Australia. Finally, we chose the United States. In the US, we could get more dreams of us all.

But how would we get the money for it, when the mother only has a disability?

It was we got the idea for the collection over several years, so we slowly be able to save up for the trip. Although it’s hard to wait SO long time on something you wish for, both girls keen on our joint project and things have gotten a sense.

Their father, even offering his fine old motorbike to sell and contribute to dream journey. It has for several years just has been under a protective blanket and stuffed in the garage.

There are a lot of clothes that look like new when our girls any play PS3 games, PC games, watching movies, etc. which of course does not wear the clothes and the outdoor life, they separate udelivs clothes.

Prices are VERY low. Together we have googled prices on used clothes / toys. Things that we could see was inferior to what we had collected. Yet we have set prices lower than the used market sides.

We have done that it is realistic and perhaps they too can get their stuff sold faster, so that the waiting time is not unreasonably long.

We have devoted two years to save up for our dream holiday and will occasionally update where we are at in the process, then follow our dream trip project.

We hope you can find some stuff, feel free to buy. Remember the postage to pay or can pick it up in Aarhus by appointment.


Another advantage

It can be difficult to open the closet and find some clothes to put together and it can be even harder to put together the clothes, so it does not look quite clumsy out. Therefore, we have many years trained clothes styling and the ability to even find his clothes in the closet, without stressing too much about it. We have done this by creating sets; finished “clothing packages” and we have for several years been small card with a picture of “how do I put my hair.” We have two girls with long hair and here it has been a great help with a map showing; braids, ponytail, etc. Slowly they have learned more and more, by repetition after repetition and many things are “encoded” in this way, without the stress and negative memories. The clothes are put on sale, are photographed as they set, we have made and maybe they can look other on the way.