I am Anja – I am Autismwhisper

Anja Hende

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I am Anja. I am the owner of Autismwhisper

I know the fundamentals of my arts world with great abilities, challenges and required account, where my own special Asperger’s ability to find the details that interfere with the individual child, youth or adults with autism and find the clutch in conjunction with the development of psychological theories.

I was born in Roskilde in 1972 and raised in Aalborg, with a gruesome school history of Predators and school phobia.

I have three wonderful children:
• A son of 20 years with infantile autism (high functioning) and ADHD.
• A daughter 16 years old with Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, severe asthma, eating disorder, learning disabilities, leg shortening and hulfod.
• A daughter of 13 years with infantile autism (high functioning).

I have been married for 17 marital great years with my husband who was born in 1963 in Varde. He is an engineer, project manager and an ordinary neuro-typical person with a good sturdy psyche, good health and best of all, a very big heart, with humility and loving recognition.

It seems as though we are going through, all the classic dilemmas of autism. Among familial dilemmas, lack of understanding, discrimination, communal violence et al. And yet our marriage as strong as never before.

I grew up in Jehovah’s Witnesses, which has given me some very strong normative values ​​and I therefore consider it as a beneficial learning. At age 15 I broke with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I therefore also lost all my fundamental upbringing family. It was hard, I was confused, anguished, alone, betrayed and walked in three years restlessly around. In young age, I trained me as aerobics instructor, worked as first lady at a gas station, sell, serve, receptionist, etc. and later I worked as a model for about 10 years.

It is documented that autism rarely stands alone, which I must be a good proof of it I actually squiggle of contracting me various ailments and already at age 14 ended in a long illness with broken blood vessels in the legs. I was diagnosed with abdominal cancer at age 21 and was told that if I were to have children, it was now or never, which ended up my beloved son came into the world.
He was the first of my children who ended up in an investigation and psychiatric hospitalization after anguished attempt to be included in public school common framework. This changed my life significantly, in what I thought it necessary for me to be professional professional parent efforts to acquire the necessary knowledge about his disability and to engage in professional discussions and take informed decisions about his life.

I therefore started at the undergraduate teacher education, which I completed with a grade of 13 in my bachelor thesis about autism, which was the beginning of my current special interest. As a child through my school days I was tortured by the Predators, who had no boundaries for their wickedness where I wanted me far away from them and was looking forward to, I became an adult and could decide and fight them. I fought them and kept them from my life, until the day when I had children with autism and had to defend them against all the pain I know only too well. Now I again surrounded by Predators – Predators but with other faces.
They are new and far more sinister – for now they have power.

I am Anja – I am autistic