Typical personality traits

    • Thinking, understand and feel in a different way.
    • A different imagination – understanding of the concept.
    • Difficulty maintaining friendships – often due¬†understanding and recognition of autism world
    • Inability to adapt to new circumstances such. by moving, changing schools, shifts, etc.
    • Situational awareness is difficult for people with autism, partly because it requires commen neuro-typical sense, tactics mm.
    • Inability to interpret facial expressions, gestures and body language. It is often easier to understand the animals, since they are not so complicated.
    • Specifically perception.
    • Collector facts of information .; data, theories, science, documented statistics.
    • Would like to talk about the top / basic elements.
    • Is not it logical, seeing people with autism often no reason to do it.
    • Routine Embossed.
    • People with autism are good to spot the detail mistakes that they need to fix, where it will be a good support to the surroundings recognizes the ability with gratitude.
    • Things should preferably be precise and correct.
    • People with Asperger syndrome suffer most from other people. Children with Asperger syndrome suffer from neuro-typical children’s typical developmental psychology theories and hunted often through the schooling of “Predators”.
    • Adults Aspergere also suffer from being chased, bullied and teased throughout life. In adulthood they are “tortured” by not being understood and made expectations they can not meet.
    • Switches special interest or maintain any lifetime.
    • Being experts in the areas they interested in.


My thoughts on social contexts

There are many social things in the neuro-typical world I do not understand, for example, when talking about the imagination has the ability to understand the other person’s feelings, thoughts, will, desire and comings. There’s just no guiding scrolling text in the pan on the other, where I can read me to what this thinking. I also do not have a remote control, so I can zap into his TV channel, so how on earth I could ever imagine what another person feels or thinks, when I do not have them? I do not think it’s so weird to neuro typical people misunderstand each other all the time. I also find it very confusing that offered so many courses to be better to be concrete, to say no, etc. in social contexts when the back part of autism social disability, but in this context, generally considered to be something to be trimmed?

In fact misunderstand and misinterpret neurotypicals me all the time, does that mean that they have a disability in the imagination? I think many neuro-typical people squiggle to forget misconceptions also goes the other way. Why can not people just tell each other what they think and feel, so we do not get any misunderstandings ?. Why “packed into the language” in all sorts of non-specific terms transmitted meanings and “white lies” when it is already hampered by the concept of the many meanings and implied meaning? Which takes neuro typical people the obvious allusion or meaning in language? After word meanings, understandings thereof etc. come all the nonverbal as tonelej, sarcasm mm. where there is an expectation that I manage to capture the meaning or allusion this, because I look quite plain out. Our worlds are truly different on all fronts.