Anja’s Wonder

I now have lectured sometimes both parents, people with autism and professionals, I have become aware of one of our perhaps the greatest dilemmas are hidden from our view.

Most received my communication very positive, been appreciative, constructive and even got aha oplevelser.Det is a wonderful feeling to be able to make a difference, to find their own value and help to “build more bridges” between two very different worlds.

A specialist handed disposable hand up and said that my messages provoked her, which gave me a very interesting insight into some “very deep canyons” there is between us. What provoked her was that I said; “Us and you – our and your – us and them”, etc. I still reflect on this discovery, I’ve talked to all my mentors and people around me about this provocation feeling, but no one can give me answers.

Why is it so? Why provoked some of the rational facts? What is in this sense they have? How to explain such opposite worlds when there is someone who feels provoked? How do you reach these people?

Why provoke it someone when continuously in all other subjects, spoken in breakdowns; women and men – adults and children – disabled and neuro-typical – the people and the government – Africans and Danes – cowboys and Indians – fruit department and delicatessen department?

It is rational speech.

There are no hidden emotional agendas behind. It is a finding that makes it possible to start a cooperation.

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