Autistic woman

For me as a woman with Asperger’s syndrome

I myself have two daughters with autism and additional suffering.

I myself have Asperger syndrome and can from us all three recognize all the problem areas of our lives where we feel that especially the low-stress vulnerability sensitivity threshold is one of the most difficult areas.

My oldest daughter tormented very much, under a feeling that she does not feel seen and is transparent to other people, although she is of my three children, who often appears at least crippled. It is by no means does not matter whether a person’s own inner feeling fit with the picture painted by an outside or it can be met with, as it is a large part of one’s understanding of itself. It is not unimportant when one is different, but even more important for elucidation responsible, educators, teachers and others. That they act with interdisciplinary care so individuals who are already often confused about who they are, can get support to form its identity and understanding of themselves in the long term.

For my own part, I experience as an adult with Asperger’s syndrome, the biggest difference phrase of expectation ever in my life. “Flinke Girl” role and the normal woman profile expected almost implicitly from my environment, which is a huge problem for me as a man and woman. I find most neurotypicals women as very emotionally driven, thinking and acting, which they interpret very much on what they feel in situations with other people and the outside emotions take the most of their decisions. It is a huge problem for me since I base most of my decisions on logic and rational facts why I repeatedly landing in misunderstandings and misinterpreted assumptions in social life situations, which I for the same reason have come to fear. I think the interpretations many women make is wildly creepy and I simply do not understand where they come from. For me, it is a total wild fictional imagination as rather should be kept to fantasy books where it does not harm other individuals.

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