Girls with autism


Possible features:


    • Forget not that easy and makes very rarely careless mistakes.


    • The unrest is expressed in other ways.


    • Systems thinking.


    • Exhaustion after social challenges – can tire them extremely. Need to be able to withdraw and spend time alone in very large degree.


    • Prefer contact with animals rather than with other people, when animals are easier to be with.


    • Has a pronounced degree of sense of justice. Often she responds when others seem offended and she actively promotes to “save” another from unfair treatment. This is done without consequence calculation.


    • Anderledes sanseintegration. De fleste piger med autisme har problemer med en eller flere sanser, som kan trætte dem – bliver ofte påvirket af andres emotionelle tilstand.


    • Many girls with autism are being evaluated to be better performing than they really are.


    • Increased use of language belongs to the girls’ best skill areas.


    • Low stress vulnerability threshold. Continuous girls with autism very sensitive to social demands. They are sensitive to criticism, which often causes them to withdraw.


    • Tend to be included in one or another form of subculture, where her distinctive behavior can be observed. Various associations or movements where visitation is based on an interest or “case” can help her stay focused and use his skills to contemplation.


    • Not interested in bitching and girl gossip mm. 100% loyal.


    • Girls with autism are over-represented with depression, since it is difficult on the one hand to be well-endowed on the other hand, to have a significant disability


    • Often overlooked signs with the girls, the error is treated / confused with eating disorders, depression and other problems


    • Many boys with autism average diagnostic investigation occurs at 5-7 years of age when girls are young adults or older before they get a diagnosis; if not misdiagnosed and never get the proper help.


    • The girls are often better at camouflaging their invalid entries; with the ability to copy other people’s actions.


    • The girls perceived to have better developed language, larger vocabulary, increased use of the language.


    • Pigernes leg fremstår ikke så påfaldende som drengenes, hvor drengene ofte havner i nogle vanskeligheder der fremstår påfaldende.


    • Pigernes lege er ofte: dyr, kaniner, heste og dukker af forskellige slags, hvor afvigelsen i legen ofte er, at legene skal foregå på bestemte måder hver gang de leger




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