Listen to your autist

10 acts exhibiting 100% acceptance loving


1) Let go of all preconceived ideas about birthdays, trips to the supermarket, holidays or other “normal” to do ways.

2)Find what motivates your child and learn as much as you can about these issues.

3) Learn about your child’s way of communicating. Regardless, it is important you understand that you reduce stress by “speaking” the same “channel” as your child.

4) Be more aware of what your child thinks than what others think.

5) If your child gets angry, try to figure out what caused the frustration-search detail that created frustration. Behind all anger there is a “because”

6) You do not have to try a lot. The goal should be to understand your child, not to abolish autism or discourage autism.

7) Do not stop your child from doing something because you think it’s weird. Let it do it if it makes the child happy. It is not to hurt anyone they do it.

8)Build your child’s strength. Do not autism to a problem. Some children are good at puzzles, but can not tie their own shoes. Some learn it, others do not. But one thing is certain; your child learns nothing under stress. The more your child feels seen and understood in everyday arenas, the more your child will learn.

9) Ask some autistic adults. They are more insightful in it to be autist because they are themselves.

10) If necessary read article: Don´t Mourn For us and see that you’ve got a gift.

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