Mother with Autism

Autism – for me as a mother with Asperger’s syndrome and three children who have inherited autism genes

I have never felt more misunderstood, hounded, tortured or suffering from neuro-typical people’s power, as of today, where I am an adult and mother to three special children with autism.

My special skill and intelligence in this particular area, as I understand so exceptionally well and where I am my children’s insider interpreter puts me again and again as the victim of Predators. It happens when my kids make me aware of a dilemma in words or behavior and my brain immediately scans thousands of mental images through to find the detail that destroy the unity of their individual lives. Composed with my very strong senses – similar to children and yet with my own individuality, sees through I usually immediately that disturbs them in their well-being.

My best way to explain it, is figuratively in the form of a jigsaw puzzle with a bridge. All the pieces are some details of a concrete bridge construction. When I get comfortable many details – “pieces”, formed a picture of the concrete bridge, where I can see the details that prevent a positive development or a positive relationship. For my vedkomne is an easy logical explanation, with a presumption that it is like at a bridge construction, no matter if there is no detail as each little detail can make the entire bridge to collapse. That’s exactly right so when we talk about development and relationships around people with autism. I understand the importance, significance, why and how, in both negative and positive sense, without going through a lot of words and pain until I finally reaches indsigts understanding.

It is my special ability – but I need neuro typical people’s help to convey my knowledge. I abilities details and neuro-typical people skills overall are, so to me that we are equally indispensable for each other. Instead of utilizing my skills, rationality my intelligence areas and looking at these as resources, many feel neuro typical people personally affected and react emotionally when they return my abilities negatively against me. I can no longer escape from my Predators because my children need my support and special insight. It is incredibly difficult and has had great personal cost, where my husband and I find that the system does not work at or comply with ordinary law, but can distort and cover up all deeds.

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