Special abilities

Special abilities of people with autism

A great man once said: “To be a great scientist or artist, one must have an autistic traits.”

However, it is a misconception that all people with autism are geniuses or “savant” [1] as the protagonist of “Rainman.” People with autism ability to focus is unusual targeted where they mostly abilities to build a very large , thorough knowledge of a subject, resulting in exceptional expertise in each individual’s area of interest [2]. Professor Allan Snyder has a theory that damage to the left hemisphere which compensation may cause the skills, in the right hemisphere are being developed. the most scientists believe, moreover, that all have savant abilities that just lies dormant in the brain [3].

According to researchers in ADHD and autism, there are several notable celebrities who have had autism / ADHD and therefore just had this focused and intense interest in their topic, which specializes them unique, in a special area. These include: Albert Einstein, Mozart, Christopher Columbus, Wright Brothers, Leonard Da Vinci, Hans Christian Andersen, Beethoven and others Common to all of them was that they were special people, with just a special interest area where they could utilize their abilities fully, as they also were good to immerse themselves in the details as long as it was required.

I have even seen documentaries about some of these people, where it appears that their social behavior was markedly different, several of them had depression and difficulty “calm”, etc. confirming the researchers’ assumptions. Unusually long contemplation, detail orienterethed, perfectionism, etc. among the abilities I do best, which my children for example. experience in an enriching way, the I’m fully present in the activities together we immerse ourselves in. Here it is good for all of us that we have their father (my husband) to remind us of wet and dry, which not self-evident that we ourselves brands because immersion concern us.

It has its advantages and clearly also has its disadvantages, but to be in the same category as Einstein, Mozart and others is not quite poor; However, I become sad when adults repeatedly and negative calls me “strive” [4]. I find great pleasure in stimulating my intelligence by reading about certain topics, collecting information, go into detail and systematize my data in folders, computer files, and more. where this systematization also gives me a certain inner peace. My biggest special interest is research, psychology and pedagogy ifht. High-functioning autism. The interest started when my children, and my own boundless irritation, not to know / understand the technical terms that I regarded as an obstacle that could argue academically on my children’s behalf and take care of their special needs.

I had an insatiable need for the normal development theories should be firmly established in my knowledge as a starting basis to see the differences and argue in relation to the normal development; and I used to harp until they were stuck! The linkage between development psychological theories and theory regarding. ASF implemented into educational practice, I find unbelievably exciting and I’m pretty good at it. Professor Allan Snyder’s theory is interesting for me, because I personally feel that my intelligence is very unevenly distributed. Geographical knowledge, mathematical, sense of direction, sense of time, social tactical skills etc. is a huge problem for me, where I feel just as unintelligent as I’m smart on my interests. As much as I tried, learning compulsive me these other useful skills, it will not get stuck in my brain. It is as if the words on topics that had no interest in me changed to an incomprehensible language of gibberish and gibberish.

See description on brain differences.

[1] Wikipedia: Savant is a rare disorder or condition. as shown by the patient, who often is autistic or retarded, develop one or more completely superhuman abilities in music, mathematics, art, special memory etc. The oldest name of the state is French: idiot savant (knowledgeable idiot), but it is no longer used because. The demeaning tone. Instead, the term savant syndrome, where a person with the syndrome called a savant.
2] Autism sheet 1, 2006; “You should be able to put themselves beyond everyday life pursuits and concentrates 100% on your research or artistic ideas. Autism can be a help to immerse themselves and work focused towards its goal without letting anything get in the way; ability to put other concerns aside and pursue one’s dream – and not least to go against the flow and not be distracted by the group mentality. “
[3] Allan Whitenack Snyder is director of the Center for Mind at the University of Sydney, Australia.
[4] www.ordnet.dk: striving is a person who strives to achieve something, or who are working hard, diligently. in recent times is the word most often disparaging about the person.

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