About Us

I've always known I was different and not like everyone else ... but it had never had a name before, or that it was also genetically inherited. First, in 2007, it was announced that autism was between 70-100% genetically inherited and I had my 3 children desire. It turned out that my differentness, called autism and my three children had inherited autism. Life was now even more challenging because NOW I should not just fight for own human rights and life. I had to fight four people with autism struggle for life.

The time in elementary school was a nightmare as I escaped from. I had no idea that it would be difficult for my kids or that I should be hunted again; mental tortures and bullied as a mother and as an adult. This time I could not escape from school or institutions because I had to fit a job to feed my children and while the kids were in daycare, preschool, after-school and later in school. It ended in 2008 with the public "witch hunt" in a municipality in which judgmental, narrowed and unethical accusations hailed down on us. But I'm not a person who gives up when it comes to my children's well-being. I will continue to fight to the last drop of blood in my body.

In 1992, I was "Miss Denmark", where I was tipped to win the Miss World crown, came in the top 10 finals and a very bitter grated history, as also my past aroused the interest of the press. That same year, a journalist from the daily press suggested that I wrote a book because he thought I had experienced more than 80 years. It did not happen until I was threatened in 2008 and subject to the power of violence from our community. Their staff was even threatening when he heard that I had begun to write a book. But this was my only hope of being heard and use the pain constructively. The pain would indeed be constructive if I could make a difference for others and I could shout righteousness name up.

In connection with the publication of my book, I should also find a name for my desired website where the book among others being presented. One day when I was watching Animal Planet, there was a program for a Catwhisper and composed a book called; All cats have Asperger's syndrome, it was like a revelation to me that I spoke to were struggling, with insider insights and theoretical professional education behind it was to be Autismwhisper. After searching the web Inland and expatriate, I could see that it was not a name that appeared anywhere and therefore web addresses are not taken.

Hence came the website named Autismwhisper for I- we whisper with insider voice of an autistic world. I was alone in my Autismwhisper universe until I met my very best autistic girlfriends; Stinne & Pernille. We are a trinity. We go together like we were dealt, by the same cell. We see each other with each other's eyes. We speak the same language, the same frequency, understand the same way and have the same thinking style. Besides that we have the autistic development profile in common with the same brain style, we have the same ethos and humanist attitudes that unite us together.

It is my immense pleasure that we whisper together and we are united here too. It is not inconceivable that our children will one day make our company here and you will benefit from their insight and also comes other. We are also joined by some strong, competent and authentic conspecifics and Neuro-Typical people who we will refer to. We also provide other useful links that do not necessarily have to be authentic, they can also be useful. This will only be some we even trust. But one thing is certain; to each Autismwhisper here is authentic, humanistic and proudly autistic, are all competing for autistic rights and unique value to society.

We are Autismwhisperers