Autism – How Common?

You can compare the degree of ASF with a puzzle of 100 pieces, where a man can have 60 pieces of autism spectrum deviations and therefore not have enough to get the diagnosis. There have been sociological changes, which in previous paradigms were skilled craftsmen – watchmakers – explored Africa, Australia and found new worlds and so forth. Today it is expected to work in a group which is difficult for people with autism.The  Autism diagnosis (and other diagnoses) are not given lightly.

A diagnosis investigation arising out of deviant behavior and prolonged mental failure to thrive – not based on a man who “only” has a single/individual worse period. A diagnosis investigation arising out of extensive problems and failure to thrive, the diagnosis should subsequently be a door-opener to the individual can get better. People with ASD go their own way and are often much more individualistic than neuro-typical.