Autistic Girls

As with everything, it is important to remember that the following characteristics are not a checklist, and there will be autistic girls that do not share these.

Possible Characteristics

  • Do not forget easily and rarely makes sloppy mistakes


  • Systematical thoughts


  • Exhaustion after social difficulties – can tire them extremely much. Often they will have the need to withdraw and spend time alone in very high degree


  • Prefers contact with animals rather than people.


  • Have an extreme sense of justice. Usually, she reacts when others/herself gets treated unfairly. She will defend without thinking of the consequences


  • Different perception. Most autistic girls have problems with perception. Smells, sounds etc. will often tire them, and autistic girls, especially, get influenced by other peoples emotions. They will, literally, feel your sadness, happiness etc.


  • Many girls with autism will be seen as being of higher function than they really are, and are often perceived to be ‘less autistic’, without really being it.


  • Extremely skilled, use of language is common among girls with autism. They often have a higher development of language and a bigger vocabulary.


  • Poor stress- and vulnerability level. Commonly girls with autism will be very oversensitive to social demands – They’re sensitive to criticism, which will often get them to withdraw from social interactions


  • Have a tendency to get involved in some sort of subculture, where her special behavior will be respected/appreciated. Different societies, movements or communities (fandoms, gaming communities etc.) where the contact centers around an interest or course, and she can use her extreme ability to immerse.


  • Not interested/bad at social things like bitching, Smalltalk, girl talk, gossip, and other social games, They are often really bad at it too.


  • 100% loyal


  • Most autistic girls have – or have had – a depression


  • Commonly the signs of autism are overlooked and they get diagnosed wrongly. Often gets mixed up with eating disorders, depression etc.


  • Many autistic boys get diagnosed when they’re 5-7, where girls are often teenagers/adults before they get their diagnose: If they don’t get diagnosed wrongly and never gets the necessary help.


  • The girls are often better than the boys, at concealing their problems. Often they copy other peoples behavior to do so.


  • The girls’ way of playing is not as conspicuous as the boys. The boys often end up in difficulties that are very conspicuous.
    • The girls playing often involves; animals and dolls of different kinds, where the deviations often are that they never role-play with the toys, or that the different kinds of playing have to be the same way every time they play.