"It is OUR Lives. The Lives of OUR Children. We are AUTISTIC"

From the Cradle to the Grave

I am Anja – Autismwhisper

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I know the fundamentals of my arts world.
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I am Stinne – Autismwhisper

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It has always been a mystery to me – communication between people.
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I am Pernille – Autismwhisper

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I realized that I could never be like them … never understand what they understood.
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Autismwhisper - Din vej til at forstå den autistiske verden


Manual explanation by Autismwhisper Stinne Hust November 2014 Often encountered in...


Background to the idea Do you know that the child with autism wants things as everyone...

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WHY I MAKE SPECIAL EXPERIENCES: My options to support a positive development, a healthy...


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Feel free to read my poems: PoemLook closerPoemLook closer Indigo butterflyLion mother...

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Cirkelines exhibition Art has many descriptions and think since the historical...

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