Anja’s Wonder

I have now lectured for parents, family, friends, autistic people and professionals, and I have become aware of one of our perhaps greatest dilemmas.

Most have received my communication positively, constructively, even got eye-openers. It’s a wonderful feeling to make a difference, to find oneself’s value and help ‘build bridges ‘ between two very different worlds.

A professional once raised her hand and said that my messages provoked her, which gave me an exciting insight into some ‘deep canyons’ between us. What provoked was that I had said Us and You, and Ours and Yours and Us and Them and so on. I still reflect on this discovery, I have spoken to people around me about this, but nobody can answer me.

Why is it so? Why are some people provoked by so entirely rational facts? What lies beneath this feeling they have? How do you explain, two worlds that are so entirely opposite, without provoking somebody? How do you reach people like this?

Why does it provoke someone, when the fact is that we continuously – in all subjects – use categories. Like; Women and Men, Adults and Children, Disabled and Neuro-typical, The Citizens and The Government, African and Danish, Cowboys and Indians, Fruit Department and Dessert Department.

It is rational talk.

There is no hidden, emotional agenda behind. It’s to make our world perceptible.  It’s a fact, that makes it possible to cooperate