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Hear your autistic child

10 acts that show 100% loving accept

  1. Let go of all your ideas of how birthdays, trips to the supermarket, vacations or other ‘normal’ things are supposed to be
  2. Find what motivates your child the most, then, teach them as much as you can about these subjects
  3. Learn about your child way to communicate. No matter what, it is important to understand that you reduce stress be ‘speaking on the same channel’ as your child
  4. Focus more on what your child thinks than what others think.
  5. If your child gets angry, try to figure out what has caused/created the frustration. Behind all anger, there’s a reason.
  6. You don’t need to try a lot. The goal should be to understand your child, not to remove or work against the autism.
  7. Don’t stop your child in doing something, because you think its weird. Let him/her do it if it makes them happy. It does not hurt anyone, that they do it.
  8. Build your child’s happiness. Don’t make the autism a problem. Some children are good at puzzles, but can’t bind their own shoes. Some will learn it, some won’t but ones certain: Your child won’t learn anything under stress. The more your child feels they are ‘seen’ and understood in the daily arena, the more your child will want to learn
  9. Ask autistic adults. They have more experience because they are autistic themselves.
  10. Read the article: Don’t Mourn Four Us by Jim Sinclair.